GMP Intermediates, API's & Excipients

We have an experienced team that can engage at every phase of drug development, from pre-clinical through commercialization. Assets range from pilot plant to full commercial scale and include a variety of materials of construction including glass-lined, stainless steel, and Hastelloy.

RSM's, Intermediates, Building Blocks & Specialty Chemicals

Kingchem can leverage our R&D in Dalian and our production site in Fuxin, China to develop and manufacture the Regulatory Starting Materials for your GMP intermediate or API. This internal back-integration provides greater security of supply, as well as cost control.

Process R&D and Analytical Services

Effective process R&D services are important to meeting the needs of your company to spur growth, control costs and protect your bottom line. Our industry-leading, cost-effective and integrated R&D and Analytical services can help!

Quality Sytems

Our FDA-registered GMP manufacturing and quality systems in Wisconsin strictly adhere to ICH Q7 standards for APIs. Our plant in Liaoning enables the back-integration of RSMs, Intermediates and Building Blocks, and has been passing quality audits from top chemical and pharmaceutical companies for years.

Kingchem is a VERTICALLY-INTEGRATED, global CMO.

We offer GMP Intermediates, API’s, Excipients, and upstream integration for

RSMs, Intermediates, Building Blocks and Specialty Chemicals…


… at ANY STAGE of Development.


Kingchem is C-TPAT certified: Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism


Kingchem supports the health & safety objectives of REACH.

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